Inspection Chambesr Lancashire Specialists, Billinge near Wigan

We specialist in all drainage solutions, especially inspection chambers. an example of a new inspection chamber due to old pipe work blocking in Billinge near Wigan.

Drainage Problem Specialists. Tree roots damage. Preston. Lancashire United Kingdom

We specialist in all types of drainage installations and drainage problems. An example of tree root damage blocking old pipe work in Preston Lancashire.

Drain repair near Burscough. Ormskirk Lancashire

Drain repair due to tree roots entering drain via joints and eventually blocking drain.

Drainage Problem in Chorley due to faulty inspection Chamber.

Drainage problem in Chorley Lancashire due to inspection chamber being installed the wrong way round. Solution was to take it and fit correctly reinstating paving

Drainage repair / Drainage Diversion in Banks, Southport

Drainage repair, Drainage Diversion due to outlet collapsed in Banks, Southport

New Drainage System. Barn conversion in Maghull. Liverpool

Installation of new drainage system for a barn conversion in Maghull near Liverpool

Concrete haulage yard and drain repairs in Chorley – Lancashire UK

Concrete haulage yard repairs in Chorley – Lancashire UK and new drain installations due to old grids being damaged by forklifts and heavy machinery.

New Drainage pipe installation (Tree root damage) in Parbold, Wigan. Lancashire

Installation of new drainage pipe due to tree roots damaging old pipe. Parbold, Wigan. Lancashire

New Drainage System in Burscough. Southport

Installation of of new drainage system in Burscough near Southport around bed and breakfast.

Replacement of clay Septic tank inlet pipe and Filterbed Stone in Scarisbrick

Replacement of existing clay septic tank inlet  pipe due to ground movement and pipe holding sewage. We also gave the brick built septic tank a full service including new inlet baffle, outlet baffle, passage pipe, removed the sludge and replaced Filter bed stone with new. Theoretical this tank will last another 5 years without any problemsContinue Reading