Supply and fitting of New Septic tank lids. Westhead Ormskirk

Supply and fitting of New Septic tank lids due to one being rotten. Westhead Ormskirk  

New Sewage Treatment plant installation in Burscough near Southport.

New Sewage treatment plant was required in Burscough near Southport Lancashire. We are the only specialist treatment plant installers in this area. The existing system was an old brick built tank which discharged to the stream and was not within the new legislation which has just come in. Read more regarding the:  new septic tankContinue Reading

Septic tank repair due to Tree Roots. Lathom near Ormskirk

Repair to septic tank inlet due to tree roots blocking pipe. The septic tank solution was to remove damaged inlet pipe and install a new septic tank inspection chamber.  

Septic tank inspection chamber Repair – Rufford

Septic tank inspection chamber problem due to pipe subsidence septic tank solution install new inspection chamber Holmeswood near Rufford