Septic tank upgrade

New sewage treatment plant upgrade due to property sold and does not comply with new legislation to discharge into a watercourse

Cesspit replacement

New septic tank installation and soakaway due to old brick built cesspit beyond repair.

Septic tank installation Halsall near Southport

Sewage treatment plant upgrade Halsall near Southport.

Septic Tank upgrade

This is a septic tank upgrade to a sewage treatment plant which conforms with new legislation stated by the Environmental Agency. If you are selling a house with old septic tank don’t get caught out. We specialise in all sewage treatment plant installations and soakaways This job was in Lathom near Ormskirk.

Septic tank replacement Lathom near Ormskirk

Septic tank replacement due to old brick built tank discharging into stream.

Septic tank installation in Scarisbrick near Southport

This septic tank was installation was due to client wanting to separate from a shared existing septic tank We specialise in all septic tank installations throughout West Lancashire.

Sewage treatment plant installation Copull near Chorley

Septic tank replacement due to new laws to discharge into a watercourse stated by environmental agency Septic tank location Burscough bear Ormskirk

Septic tank upgrade Charnock Richard, Chorley

New sewage treatment plant installation in Ormskirk, due to old brick built septic tank discharge into a watercourse which does not conform with new environmental agency legislation.

Sewage treatment plant installation Rainford near St. Helens

The installation of two sewage treatment plants due to discharging into a ditch/watercourse in Crawford near Rainford

Concrete reinforced base for refrigeration plant Burscough near Ormskirk

Installation of reinforced concrete slab for a cooling tower at frozen food distribution centre Burscough near Ormskirk