Sewage Treatment Plant & Drainage – Burscough

Complete sewage treatment plant and new drainage system at Burscough. The client wanted to comply with new regulations, his pipework was also not in the best condition and so wanted to relay in new plastic.        

Septic Tank Upgrade – Burscough

A Septic Tank upgrade to a sewage treatment plant, including all new drains, at a cottage being renovated. Sewage treatment plant installation lactation Burscough near Ormskirk.

Klargester Sewage Treatment Plant installation Burscough

This septic tank replacement was due to the old tank not complying with the new Environmental Agency rules. These state that it should not discharge into a watercourse. We fitted a  Klargester sewage treatment plant as a suitable replacement. Job Location: Burscough, near Ormskirk.

Sewage Treatment Plant Installation in Burscough near Ormskirk

Due to the new regulations stated by the Environmental Agency we were asked to install a new treatment plant. Also to separate the surface water and divert the foul drainage. New foul drainage was installed as a result of tree root damage, and a 6 person treatment plant was fitted. – Burscough 2021 We specialiseContinue Reading

Drain repair near Burscough. Ormskirk Lancashire

Drain repair due to tree roots entering drain via joints and eventually blocking drain.

New Soak away Crate system installation in Burscough near Ormskirk

New Soakaway Crate system installation in Burscough near Ormskirk

Ground Clearance and installation of footings for single story extension in Rufford near Southport

Installation of footings for single story building/extension and site clearance in Rufford near Burscough. Southport. We are specialist in all site clearance and groundwork’s especially building foundations.  

Drain Diversion, drain installation in Burscough near Ormskirk

Installation of new drain and diversion of existing drain on site in Burscough, Ormskirk . Lancashire

Commercial Waste water treatment plant installation. Burscough

Commercial Waste water treatment plant installation.We specialise in all septic tank and treatment plant installations from domestic installations to commercial treatment plants.

Septic tank Soakaway replacement

Replacement of old soakaway pipes due to being blocked from septic tank outlet.