Sewage Treatment Plant outlet repair – Heapey

Sewage Treatment Plant outlet repair due to poor installation of drains, resulting in a build-up of solids in the Treatment Plant. We specialise in all sewage treatment plant issues all over West Lancashire

Septic Tank upgrade in Mawdesley

Our most recent sewage treatment plant installation in Mawdesley. The old septic tank was brick-built and the client needed the surface water separating from the system. We specialise in all off main sewage solutions.

Septic Tank Replacement in Barton near Downholand

A sewage treatment plant installation due to the existing brick-built tank being beyond repair. The outlet was blocked and so the system needed replacing.

Septic Tank Upgrade in Lathom near Westhead

A Septic Tank replacement in Lathom. The old system was beyond repair, resulting in constant blockages. The job was completed efficiently and  effectively. Sometimes it’s best to pay a little more to ensure that the job is done correctly… We supply, fit and commission all new treatment plants to suit your individual needs!

Septic tank replacement Lathom near Ormskirk

Septic tank replacement due to old brick built tank discharging into stream.

Blocked Septic tank filter bed repaired by PJC Groundworks. Aughton near Maghull

  Septic tank filter bed blocked , media clogged due to septic tank not being emptied often enough therefore solids clogging filter media. Septic tank solution was to dig out old filter stone and replace with new stone. septictank job location. Aughton near Maghull

New Klagester sewage treatment plant installation in Chorley. Lancashire

Here we have a new septic tank upgrade due to the house being prepared to be sold and not having the correct sewage system treatment plant installed. Please note the laws have recently been changed regarding sewage waste and it is the responsibility of the property owner. read more here If you have a septicContinue Reading

New septic tank replacement, old system beyond repair. Lydiate in Lancashire

  New septic tank replacement due to old system beyond repair. We specialist in all aspects of septictank, sewage tank, sewage treatment plant installations and septic tank replacements across the north and West of Lancashire

Septic tank replacement for sewage treatment plant in Longton, Preston

Due to new laws coming in stating that if you sell a property with a septic tank you must have the correct system fitted with discharges to water course. (ditch stream to field drain). Download the new:Rules and Regulations regarding Septic tanks and waste water   We are specialists in all tank installations and upgradesContinue Reading

Septic tank outlet repair in Halsall. Lancashire (Pump chamber installation)

Download the new:Rules and Regulations regarding Septic tanks and waste water Septic tank outlet blocked in Halsall, West Lancs. Solution was to fit pump chamber and pump effluent into high level soakaway.