Septic tank filter bed stone replacement Lancashire. (Dalton,Wigan)

Replaced existing filter bed stone due to filter stone clogged and blocking outlet. We dug out the existing stone and replaced with our recommended high grade filter stone. Please call if you require any advice regarding Septic Tank Problems. We will be more than happy to help.

Septic tank filter problem. Replacement of septic tank filter bed stone. Lancashire, North West

Septic tank repair Septic tank filter bed replacement due clogged and age of existing filter bed stone. We specialist in all septic tank installations and repair across Lancashire

Brick Septic tank Repair. Burscough

Repairs to brick built septic tank in Burscough Lancashire New soak away installation.

Septic tank Maintenance – Filter bed replacement. (Stone) Lathom in Ormskirk

Septic tank maintenance of filter bed stone in Lathom near Ormskirk Lancashire. Existing filterbed media/stone dug out within garage  and replaced with high quality tank filter stone.  

Septic tank repair due to Tree Roots. Lathom near Ormskirk

Repair to septic tank inlet due to tree roots blocking pipe. The septic tank solution was to remove damaged inlet pipe and install a new septic tank inspection chamber.  

Replacement of clay Septic tank inlet pipe and Filterbed Stone in Scarisbrick

Replacement of existing clay septic tank inlet  pipe due to ground movement and pipe holding sewage. We also gave the brick built septic tank a full service including new inlet baffle, outlet baffle, passage pipe, removed the sludge and replaced Filter bed stone with new. Theoretical this tank will last another 5 years without any problemsContinue Reading

Septic tank Tree root Problems. Scarisbrick in Lancashire

Tree Roots effecting Septic Tank Outlet Solution. Septic tank drain repair due to tree roots getting between the joints of the pip and causing a blockage in the outlet. The solution was to remove the tree, cut back roots and upgrade/replace damage section of pipe. Tree roots can cause a lot of problems with theContinue Reading